Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What is Art of RAR?

This is a new technique in photography that bridges photography with paintings. The end result of this technique is photo painting or rar art as I called it.

In photography, an object is needed for the camera to create an image. No object means no image. In painting, an artist can paint from an object or from an idea or image in his head, ie no physical object.

The Art of RAR Technique allows an image to be captured in the camera without a physical object. It is like photographing the idea or thought of Mother Nature. There is no object, just a passing image that exists for a moment, like a thought, and gone forever. This technique happens to be able to do just this, capturing this momentary image and allowing it to be printed on paper like a painting. The final painting or image created can be out of this world as they are not conceived by the human mind, and can be totally refreshing.

It is a new and revolutionary technique that I claim as my very own, a Singaporean art form. I don't think anyone has yet done what I have done. The photopaintings or rar arts are one of a kind. Some may look conventional but some are totally out of this world.

Chua Chin Leng

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