Monday, May 14, 2012

Heavenly beasts - Tien Lu/Pi Xiu Series

This is another series of photopaintings that I have created with the help of Mother Nature. The image has never been seen before. They are not the mythical dragon or lion or the qiling. The closest I could relate this to is the pixiu, a smaller creature claimed to be the proetector of the owner and his wealth. Many images of the pixiu have been crafted, mostly in stone or jade, and displayed in homes or business premises. This photopainting could be hung on the wall at the entrance area, or the reception area of an organization in place of the carved varieties. A great piece of gift for new home owners.

The unique feature of this kind of photopainting using the Art of RAR technique is that the images must first be photographed using a camera as the originals are unrecognizable in the water and will be there only momentarily. They will only appear in the full glory after some processing. This is a very unique and revolutionary way of painting, like painting the thoughts of Nature.

My tree of Life series is also created in the same manner.

A little mystery, a little miracle, a whole new way of painting.

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