Sunday, August 7, 2022

Avatar Collection - 2000 NFTs to be sold in one lot

 My Avatar Collection on Portraits of women is now available for sale as one single lot. Please visit to make an offer or email me at



Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Art of RAR - Avatar Collection - 2000 NFTs completed. After tidying up will be offering to sell all 2000 pieces as a lot.

2000 portraits of women in NFTs. These portraits are created by Mother Nature using Art of RAR techniques. The portraits are back views of women with headdresses on.

Completed creating 2,000 NFTs for this Portraits of Women series renamed the Avatar Collection.  Will offer to sell all 2000 pieces as a lot after I have tidy up the loose ends, to one buyer.
This is the most beautiful NFT collection ever Mother Nature. The curvaceous feminine forms of the portraits are so beautiful and pleasant to the human eyes.  The lines are inexplicable and beyond the hands of human artistsViewers have the privilege to exercise their imagination on the faces of these female avatars. Mother Nature is the master painter.

Seeing is believing. The wonders of Nature. Anyone seeing the Navi in Avatar movie in the greenish portrait on the top right of the page? I have renamed this as the Avatar Collection as the definition of avatar is 'the descent of a deity to the earth in an incarnate form or some manifest shape'.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Avatar Collection - Promotion Sales in OpenSea (Promotion sales ended)

 Avatar Collection - 1,000 NFTs of abstract painting of Women using a special photopainting technique called The Art of RAR. 

Promotion Sales - First 30 NFTs at 0.02 ETH. 

Priced to sell.


Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Thursday, February 17, 2022

NFT - A moment in Time series


This rar art series has 9 pieces of a tribal community doing their daily chores at different time of the day. 

A moment somewhere in time. Enjoy these beautiful and therapeutic paintings quietly and discover what these people were doing there and then, somewhere in time. The longer you observe, the more the painting comes to life.

View more at

Friday, February 11, 2022

Tree of Life in NFT - A gift from Mother Nature

 rar Tree of Life 1/20

The mysterious image of the Tree of Life revealed by Mother Nature as it is. This was captured by the camera for a brief moment in time and now can be seen with the naked eyes by the Art of RAR technique of photopainting. It is a very important image, and extremely rare. Never seen before by humankind. A very precious token for churches, priests, pastors, evangelists, believers, museums and collectors. Important: Only 20 limited copies would be minted. 

Tree of Life, painted many times for centuries by human beans based on their imagination and interpretation. This is the first time Mother Nature has painted this naturally, without the biases of human beans. Scholars and believers may want to contemplate and study the meaning and significance of this image. The images are very vivid. The lower images are less well formed as if they emerged and get better up the tree. How could these happened naturally?

This is also the first image that appeared to me that launched me into this journey of photopainting using the Art of RAR technique.The first painting of monumental importance, like the face that launched a thousand ships, this painting launching thousands of paintings.

3 similar pieces are on offer at This is a limited edition of 20 copies only. Not enough to satisfy the demands for such a mysterious and important painting. This is a gift from Mother Nature.

PS. All rar art paintings started similar to this image below, a photograph of water. RAR stands for Reflection and Refraction.


Thursday, February 10, 2022

NFT Beast Collection

Below is a piece of my NFTs, 'The Beast' Collection that I just launched in These are 7 pieces of abstract paintings created using the art of RAR technique that I developed. RAR stands for Reflection and Refraction.

The paintings are created from a moment when light travelled through the medium water and frozen by the camera. The naked eyes would not be able to visualise what were captured by the camera, but just plain water. The paintings would only appear after tedious processes of darkroom processing, today called Lightroom processing using software. It is like polishing and carving a piece of jade from raw stone into a fine piece of jewelry.

The paintings were totally conceptualised and created mysteriously by Mother Nature. Mother Nature is the painter. I am just the photopainter helping to reveal the mysteries to the human eyes.

The 9 pieces in this introductory collection, all single copy, are priced at 2 - 10 ethers each depending on the quality and complexity of the paintings. The wonders of Mother Nature needs time to contemplate to discover more details that are not immediately visible. This is how a beast looked like to Mother Nature. The face/faces of the beast keep changing. There is a pair of curious looking eyes peering over the left shoulder of the beast. There is also a small female figure pulling at his left thigh. Not all the paintings have these two figures in them and are thus priced differently. There could be other features appearing if one spend time contemplating the painting.

The full Beast collection can be viewed at

Friday, November 27, 2015

Beast Man and Sea of Fire

Below are 2 rar arts to show the possibilities of your creative talent in photopainting. One is called Man Beast and the other Sea of Fire.

These 2 rar paintings are for sale at S$3,000 each.  The size is 24" x 24" or 61cm x 61cm on museum grade paper, inclusive of frame.  Free delivery in Singapore. Add S$100 for destination outside Singapore.

The painting is square but looking rectangle due to distortion in Blogger.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Create your very own paintings, be a photo painter

This Art of RAR technique is a new way of painting. With a base plate and a Lightroom software, anyone can create his own paintings that are his very own.

Start now and create paintings for your own home, your own gallery or to present to friends. What can be a better gift than a piece of art.

The base plates are available on the left column of main page at $10 a piece

These pieces are created using base plate BP0004, rotated 90 degrees.

The bottom piece is done differently from the rest with more emphasis on black and grey. It is also rotated 180 degrees.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

RAR Paintings from base plate BP0003 using Adobe Lightroom.

The above are 4 rar paintings created from base plate 0003. From each base plate you can create as many original paintings as your creativity allows. And these are not necessarily the best created.

When these paintings are printed on good quality museum grade paper or canvas, they can be nicely framed up just like any paintings.

Be photo painter in your own right, be as creative as you can be.

Note: A base plate is actually a photograph of water but acting as a negative in this technique. The Lightroom process is the equivalent of darkroom process in film photography to get a picture from a negative.

Friday, November 6, 2015

RAR paintings from base plate BP0001 using Adobe Lightroom

This rar painting is created using BP0001. You can create as many paintings as you could with patience and creativity from each of the base plate. I have tilted the painting by 180 degrees from the base plate position.

This is another example of rar painting created from the same base plate BP0001.
Another piece of rar painting from the same base plate but with some croppings done.
These photopaintings can be printed on museum paper or canvas up to 50cm x 70cm, maybe more.
Another creation from BP0001with slight croppings.
PS. I have provided links to Adobe Lightroom on both sides of page at the top if you are interested in getting your Lightroom software from Adobe.
Another variation.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Create your own RAR art paintings

The above are 3 base plates taken of water under special conditions. With such a base plate, one can create as many RAR art paintings as possible by using the Adobe's Light Room software. The technique is to manipulate the sharpness, contrast, brightness, colour, grain etc etc to give one the desired paintings.

Feel free to download the above base plates, from top to bottom, BP0001, BP0002 and BP0003 and experiment with it. As Blogger only allows a low resolution of 200k bytes, the result may not be as good as it could be.

You can purchase a high resolution base plate of about 8 megabytes for $10 each by using the Paypal window on the top left hand corner of page. On prompt for 'Enter Description' just enter BP0001 or BP0002 or BP 0003. For Item Price, enter $10 and hit Update.

On receipt of your payment and email address, I will email buyer a copy of the original base plate as indicated.

Have fun with your creativity and enjoy your very own RAR art.

Email if you have any queries.

Chua Chin Leng

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

Second selection of 10 photopaintings for Indiegogo Project

From top to bottom
11. Spirit of Bali
12. Bulls
13. Embrace
14. Tree of Life (there are human images on the tree trunk)
15. Courtesans Bathing
16. New Life
17. Woman Dressing
18. Pink Party
19. Celestial Animals(Pixiu/Tienlu)
20. Party Animals

These are paintings of Mother Nature trapped in the rays of light and captured by the camera after passing through the medium of water. The paintings were not visible to the naked eyes and had to be processed using dark/lightroom techniques to decode them and brought to life. The whole process is called The Art of RAR or Reflection And Refraction.

It is a new technique, a fusion of photography and paintings not done before. This technique is developed by Photopainter Chua Chin Leng over a period of 5 years.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Select photopaintings for Indiegogo Project

Below are the first 10 select photopaintings for the 'Invest in a painting, co own an art gallery' project.
From top to bottom
1. The Mouth
2. The Face
3. Childhood
4. Geisha Garden
5. Historic Man
6. Blondie
7. Mother and Child
8. Children
9. Night Market
10. Kungfu

Contributors can pick a photopainting from the above selection, limited edition of 199 pieces each.