Friday, March 13, 2015

Second selection of 10 photopaintings for Indiegogo Project

From top to bottom
11. Spirit of Bali
12. Bulls
13. Embrace
14. Tree of Life (there are human images on the tree trunk)
15. Courtesans Bathing
16. New Life
17. Woman Dressing
18. Pink Party
19. Celestial Animals(Pixiu/Tienlu)
20. Party Animals

These are paintings of Mother Nature trapped in the rays of light and captured by the camera after passing through the medium of water. The paintings were not visible to the naked eyes and had to be processed using dark/lightroom techniques to decode them and brought to life. The whole process is called The Art of RAR or Reflection And Refraction.

It is a new technique, a fusion of photography and paintings not done before. This technique is developed by Photopainter Chua Chin Leng over a period of 5 years.

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