Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Painting the thoughts of Mother Nature

The fascinating thing about the Art of RAR is the ability to paint the thoughts of Mother Nature. What is in the ‘mind’ of Mother Nature is similar to the thoughts of a painter. A painter can have his concepts and ideas in his head, of what he wants to paint. Until he puts his brush on the canvas, no one can see what is in his mind.
No one can see what Mother Nature has embedded in a ray of light. A prism is needed to reveal the rainbow colours of light. A radio decoder is needed to decode the music or sound in a radio wave to produce sound and music. A TV decoder is needed to produce the images of a movie. The Art of RAR is the decoder to reveal the paintings stored in the rays of light in a very natural way.
A piece of rar art or painting is a rare gem, a peek into the thoughts of Mother Nature that is made possible for the first time. Without this technique, a ray of light is just a ray of light. The paintings hidden in the rays of light will never be seen, not through the naked eyes. A piece of rar art is a piece of mystery, a little miracle of Nature.
Every piece of rar art is absolutely original in concept and presentation. Artists often draw inspirations from other artists or Nature for their master pieces. Mother Nature is the inspiration. Mother Nature’s works do not need to be inspired by anyone or anything. Mother Nature is the originator of all ideas and concepts.
A piece of rar art is a piece of Mother Nature in its originality. It is something to be treasured, to be appreciated, to see Mother Nature as it is, its mysterious being.
Try to fathom what is in the paintings of Mother Nature. Is there a message, is there a deeper meaning? Owning a piece of rar art is like embracing Mother Nature, having a conversation with Mother Nature.

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