Friday, July 20, 2012

Michael J - Thriller

(I have attached the UOB Painting of the Year 2012 winning painting of a Stressed School Boy for your interest)
A portrait of Michael Jackson painted by Koi fish. This is a piece of rar art done with Koi fish forming every stroke of colours in the painting.

When I have done my finishing touch to this photo I was in a state of confusion. It did look like the King of Pop and also the King of Rock. The costume could fit any one of them. My mind kept swinging from KOP to KOR. One moment it looked more like one and the next moment it looked like the other. Quite exasperating.

I sat back to take a long stare at the photo. Then a voice screamed out. 'Look, it's Michael! I am Michael! Look carefully at my nose and my complexion. It is all written on my face.'

I stood up and took a second look. Oh God, it was Michael alright. And Michael it is and Michael it shall be. It reminded me of Thriller.

Remove the plastic and cosmetics, I am still who I am.

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