Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tree of Life Series

A little miracle-A perfect gift of faith

These images appeared on the water surface momentarily and taken before they were gone. They reminded me of the biblical Tree of Life and can truly be said to have been painted by the hands of God, or Mother Nature. I have seen many paintings of the Tree of Life but nothing like these before. Judge a tree by the fruits it bears. This tree bears life! Not by the imagination and intervention of human beings.

The painting here is the best of this series. Look carefully at the leaves and trunk and you may find some little images that look like human forms. The images on the lower trunk are smaller as if they were growing and maturing at the upper half of the tree.

As an exercise, try counting the number of human images on the tree and don't forget the beautiful woman with a white shawl in the centre of the trunk.

This painting will make a perfect gift of faith to a church or elder. A Tree of Life as gift to new home owners!

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