Friday, February 25, 2011

Zodiac Collection Set of 12

Taurus the bull
Sagittarius the centaur
Gemini the twins
Aries the ram

This is a series on the 12 Zodiac signs. Only 4 are shown here. They could make an interesting conversation piece in a board room or a common reception area. All created naturally by the hand of nature.

Deep Space2 Set of 4

This is a series of golden kois in deep space. The kois appeared to be floating above an intricate pattern of dark blue clouds which were actually water. The fine details are created by refraction.

Deep Space1 Set of 4

Deep Space series of butterfly kois. This is a bigger collection and each set can be in the multiples of 4, 6 or more. The kois were swimming in the water when the pics were taken. They appeared to be floating in space like astronauts.

Creatures RedWhite2 Set of 4

I have a bigger collection of this red and white koi series. The combination of the two colours makes the pics brighter and more lively. Some of the images came out with a mechanical effect. Available in multiples of 4, 6 or more. 3640x3264, 3928x3120,3640x3264,2970x3054 $100 each

Creatures RedWhite1 Set of 4

Another series of red and white kois that are more elaborate and wild in imagination. 4126x2883, 3877x2555, 2155x2686, 2681x3264 $50 each

Dragons1 Set of 4

I called these dragons because of some spike liked features on their bodies. They are part of my red and white collection. The dragon version is rarer as spikes are not easy to come by. 3864x2857, 3680x2660, 3732x2831, 3758x3054 $100 each

Green Kois

Baby Kois.2907x3649 $150

Abstract2 - Courtship - Set of 2

These are some of the very colourful and abstract pics of Kois. Yes, they are kois. Not easy to create but I will be trying to make more of these as they do appeared like contemporary arts. 3264x4082, 4928x3207 $100 each

Creatures Gold2 Set of 4

The gold series is perhaps the largest collection of all my collections. They appeared as creatures of the deep, in all kinds of fantasied forms that challenged our very imagination of how creative they can be. 3325x2489, 4928x3264, 4928x3264, 4928x3264 $50 each

This series is available in bigger sets of 4, 6, 8 or even 12. They can be presented in clusters of 4s or 6s, or line a long wall or corridor with 10 or more pieces.

Creatures Gold1 Set of 4

More of the gold series. 4928x3264, 4481x3014, 4928x3264, 3535x3014 %75 each

Gems Collection1 Set of 4

A very rare series to create. The bodies of the kois are crystal liked and have a unique colour of their own as a result of reflection and refraction. The crytal patterns are not easily created and require special condition to do so. In these 4 pics are citrine, emerald, amethyst and blue sapphire. I have less than 10 in my collection.

Black and White1 Set of 3

Another difficult colour to work with, black and white. The images did turn out quite interesting and pleasing.

Abstract Blue2 Set of 4

The blue background is complimented by black strokes that resembled Chinese ink brush strokes. They appeared to be hand painted. The red kois are babies.